A Very Blasphemous Mass! The First Church, Hubba Hubba & Tourette's!

  • Oakland Metro Operahouse

Blasphemy! Bowie! Burlesque!


The World's ONLY David Bowie Church brings you a very special Mass so Blasphemous it could only take place in Oakland!

On Saturday, January 11 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse, get ready for a night of Religion and Revelry!

Three acts share the stage and pull you in three different directions in the hopes of saving your Motral Soul!

Hubba Hubba Revue encourages you to worship at the Altar of Tassels & Sequins for their Celebration of Skin! The mix of irreverent comedy & classic striptease will have you mesmerized! Plus a special tribute to their patron saint, the original Hip-Gyrator, Elvis Presley!